Thanks to my freelance work and the jobs I had in creative agencies, I am a versatile professional. Discover the extent of my capabilities below!

Graphic design

Attentive to your needs and ideas, I can help you communicate your values and messages with your intended audience through smart and powerful visuals.

  • Brand identity
  • Illustrations

Print & collateral

My understanding of the print process and my keen attention to details are assets when developping a graphic identity on different formats.

  • Posters, kakemonos, brochures and flyers
  • Catalogs, press kits
  • Books (and ebooks)
  • Social media design

UX/UI design

I like crafting simple, efficient and user-friendly interfaces to allow both you and your clients to achieve your objectives. To give you the best service possible, I keep up with the design trends and the new methods used in the field.

  • Assessment and optimisation
  • User friendly navigation
  • Wireframing and prototyping


Thanks to my knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic Javascript, I can develop newsletters and websites from scratch or adapt some CMS theme to suit your specific needs.

  • Responsive websites
  • CMS solutions
  • Newsletters

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Back to school

UI design | Facebook App

Client: Casio

Role: Web design, illustration

Year: 2015

Every year, for the start of the school year, the brand Casio organises a quizz on its Facebook page. The participants can win products from Casio — such as calculators and watches — among other things.

My job was to create the design of this responsive Facebook application with the purpose of targeting a young audience (mainly teenagers).

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Immerse yourself in the action

UI design | Facebook App

Client: TCL

Role: Web design

Year: 2015

To communicate around its promotional partnership with the movie Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, the brand TCL decided to launch a simple "defuse the bomb" game on Facebook. I was in charge of its design. I wanted to keep the feel of the Mission: Impossible movies, which is why I decided to have a dark ambiance which realistic photographs, a pseudo-modern digital interface and a fast and stressful sound design.

Translated in four languages, the game allowed the players to win a 4K television and tablets. The winners were chosen through a draw after finishing the game successfully.

Dirt Devil et vous

UI design | Facebook App

Client: Dirt Devil

Role: Web design

Year: 2015

Along with a few projects of social media design (banners and other visuals for Facebook, Twitter...), I had the opportunity to design a little Facebook application for our client Dirt Devil. The purpose of the app was to analyse the customers needs through a quiz.

Epson: photo contest

UI design | Facebook App

Client: Epson

Role: Web design

Year: 2015

I designed the layout for Epson's sport-themed photography contest.

Au coeur des grandes marées

Graphic conception | Development | Ebook

Client: Thalassa

Role: Graphic conception and development

Year: 2015

The TV programm Thalassa dedicated one of its documentaries to "the tide of the century" that happened to St-Malo in March 2015. To go with this documentary, Thalassa also created a collaborative ebook including explainations about the tides and witness statements from French people on their best memories from the sea.

I was responsible for the graphic conception of this ebook and its whole development process.

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One Myanmar

Custom typography | Promotional brochure

Client: MkF Editions

Role: Graphic identity, custom typography

Year: 2015

One Myanmar is a transmedia project including a webdocumentary, an ebook and a book. The goal was to give the people of Burma the possibility to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future at the dawn of their first democratic elections. I created a custom typography inpired by the Burmese alphabet. I also worked on a promotional presentation in order to get backers and partners.

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Marvel Colors

Data-visualisation | Front-end development | Website

Client: None, student project

Role: Front-end development

Year: 2015

Collaboration with Claire Blumenfeld and Ingrid Lenoir

For our data-visualisation class in college, my friends and I decided to analyse the colours of Marvel comics books covers. Thanks to the website we created, the user can playfully explore data about the colours used on about 20-year worth of Marvel covers.

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UX design | Graphic Identity | Mobile App

Client: None, student project

Role: Graphic identity, UX and UI design.

Year: 2015

Collaboration with Karèle Samalens, Sacha Mocquet, Sarah Hattab, Pauline Jay and Idrissa Diedhiou

Our purpose was to create a mobile application to help families plan their shared activities.

You can test our prototype on a mobile device:

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DDay : they invented the Landing

Wordpress website | Development | Infographics

Client: Thalassa

Role: Web design, set-up and tailoring of a Wordpress website, infographics

Year: 2014

The TV programm Thalassa dedicated a special episode to the 70th anniversary of the Landing in Normandy. This broadcast was also a part of a bigger transmedia project they created with their partners such as a mobile game, 3D reconstitutions, etc.

My job was to create a website to inform the viewers of all these projects. I had to personalise a Wordpress theme to correspond to our graphic identity and update all the content.

I also created a series of infographics, which were live-tweeted during the broadcast of the TV programm.

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Client: Libretis

Role: Logotype

Year: 2014

I was asked to design a logo for the launch of a ecommerce platform that sells rare ancient books.

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Godefroy de La Mettrie

Art direction | Illustration | Erotica ebook collection

Client: Les Erotiques Editions

Role: Art direction, illustration

Year: 2014-2015

I was in charge of the art direction of a new erotica ebook collection for Les Erotiques Editions. After discussing different proposals with the editor, we decided to go for the humorous flat illustration look. I also illustrated all the covers.

Exhibition "Jeux d'Eaux"


Client: Muséum d'Histoire naturelle du Havre

Role: Illustration

Year: 2014

For the exhibition "Jeux d'Eaux" organised by the Muséum d'Histoire naturelle du Havre, I was asked to create a series of 11 illustrations about water. These illustrations had a scientific purpose: explain how the water currents work, why there are waves in the sea and many other things!


Infographics | Illustration

Client: Thalassa

Role: Illustration, layout

Year: 2014

Seies of infographics to illustrate scientific articles on the blog of the famous TV programme Thalassa.

Once upon a Sound

Webdesign | Animation | Front-end development

Client: None, student project

Role: Webdesign, animation, front-end development

Year: 2014

Collaboration with the great Pauline Jay, who was in charge of the illustrations, the sound design and a part of the web development.

Once upon a Sound is sound-based interactive fairytale, where you choose your own path after listening to different sounds hinting you of what is to come.

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Claire Mauchin, graphic and web designer

Hi there!

I am Claire, a graphic and web designer from France. I just got my Masters Degree in Internet and Multimedia Interface Design and I am now actively looking for a job. I would love to join a creative agency or the communication department of a company.

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